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Buying technology in bulk can be a significant investment but is often necessary for schools, businesses, government agencies, etc. Our question is, what happens when that technology is no longer up to date and begins inhibiting productivity or purpose? Smart Devices 911 in St. Cloud has a few solutions for you. To name a few, we offer computer repairs, trade-ins, even bulk buying options. With our help, your investment doesn’t have to waste away with each Apple or Windows release. We can help you keep your business or school technology running efficiently.

Computer Repairs And More

Most of the productive world runs on computers. Business documents, meeting schedules, IT software, schoolwork, classes, and more all take up space on our relatively small computers. This is why it is vital to keep your computer in tip-top shape, and we can help. Our repair programs strive to help ease the stress or broken machines and restore your device back to peak performance for problems big or small. We cannot only execute computer repairs caused by water damage or battery issues but also understand that businesses and schools are using other technology such as tablets and cellphones. This is why we extend our repair programs to include these devices as well, with as much attention to detail and care as we do computers. We keep up to date with new software releases and upgrades, so you can too. Additional services we provide include:

  • Free diagnostics
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Same day service
  • Lifetime warranty on screens
  • One year warranty on small parts
  • certified and insured

Beyond Repair

So you’ve successfully run your business’s computers into the ground, and there is no chance for recitation or revival. Now you’re probably wondering what to do with the carcasses of your former computer fleet. Before you toss them in the bin or let them collect dust in storage, let us offer some solution. Smart Devices 911 offers recycling services to help address the growing need for technology disposal. Our recycling services will ensure that all usable parts are placed into refurbished products and all other parts will be responsibly disposed of. Not only is this the most effective way to extend the life of your computer, but it is also the most environmentally friendly way to discard obsolete technology.

Bulk Buyback

If environmental factors or additional storage space isn’t reason enough, in addition to our recycling program, we also offer a buyback program. We have found that these two programs seem to go hand in hand since they incentivize both contributing parties. We accumulate parts that can be refurbished or reused in our line of work, and you acquire finances to help pay for your needed replacements. To put it plainly, we pay you to give us your obsolete technological items. Through this program, you can keep your environmental consciousness clear and your business’s balance in the green.
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Whether you need bulk computer repairs, bulk recycling, bulk buying, or bulk buyback, Smart Devices 911 of St. Cloud has got a solution for you. Contact us today to start bulk planning.

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