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We are in a cycle of technological evolution that is quickly aging, rendering even your most recent technological purchases obsolete. Cellphone competitors seem to be outdoing one another with each launch and latest release. While these advances can undoubtedly be enticing, you are often left with a growing pile of out-dated iPhones. If old technology is slowing you down, it may finally be time for your next Apple trade-in. Lucky for you, Smart Devices 911 in St. Cloud is available to help you buy, sell, or trade your outdated tech.

Apple Trade-In: Out With The Old

Believe it or not, the number of inactive cellphones is nearly double the number of active cellphones, and that number is only growing. We are creating the need for a new service strictly dedicated to the responsible disposal of outdated tech. This is where trade-in programs come in handy. Trade-ins have the advantage of being able to either refurbish recently retired models or use the extremely outdated technology to rebuild new models. Trade-in programs have quickly become the most responsible way to ensure that your obsolete phones do not negatively contribute to our environment.

In With The New:

Trade-in programs are also known as buy-back programs, which still ensure environmentally safe disposal while also helping to finance your upgrade. Whether you are researching your options before upgrading your cell phone or are ready to take the plunge, we offer several services that help give you some peace of mind. We offer services such as:

Same day service

Free diagnostics scans

Lifetime warranty on screens

1-year warranty on small parts

Money-back guarantee

While we encourage you to take in these offers, if you have been waiting for a sign to say now is the time to upgrade, this might just be it. All of this is simply to say that we are confident in our ability to make an easy, hassle-free upgrade.

In The Mean Time

If you are stuck in that dreaded pre-upgrade waiting period, we do have some services that may help you out as well. Not only do we buy, sell, and trade your old devices, but we also make repairs. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and technology hasn’t yet created an indestructible cellphone. The closest we came to one was probably the Nokia. However, we fix cracked screens, malfunctioning buttons, speaker problems, water damage, battery replacement, and more for those accident-prone cellphones. Not only that, but we repair more than just your average cellphone by also offering repair services for tablets, laptops, iPods/mp3 players, even game controllers. We are fully equipped to help you get through the waiting period.

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You may not be a stock market expert, but we can help you buy, sell, or trade that outdated cellphone. Keep up to date with the newest iPhone technology through our Apple trade-in, or take advantage of our repair services. Let us make this process a little bit easier. Contact us at Smart Devices 911 today or stop by to visit us in St. Cloud!

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